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How the Right Evidence Can Help Prove a Slip and Fall Claim

Slip and fall accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. They are one of the most common accidents and can often be very serious. And when this type of accident happens on someone else’s property, the victim can claim negligence on the part of the responsible party and get the appropriate compensation. But it’s not always that easy. For one, you’d have to have substantial evidence to help prove your claim.

Occupier’s Liability

You may have heard the term “occupier’s liability” before, but what does it mean? In short, occupier’s liability refers to the legal responsibility of a property owner to keep their property safe for visitors. This includes both indoor and outdoor spaces. If a property owner’s negligence in terms of safety leads to injury, they may be held liable.

Many types of accidents can fall under occupier’s liability. Some common examples include slip and fall accidents, trip and fall accidents, elevator and escalator accidents, swimming pool accidents, and fires. Basically, any accident that occurs on someone else’s property and results in injury could be considered occupier’s liability.

So, how do you know if you have an occupier’s liability case? There are a few things that must be proven in order for a property owner to be held liable:

  1. It must be shown that the property owner was aware, or should have been aware of the dangerous condition of their property and did nothing to fix it.
  2. It must be shown that the victim was not aware of the dangerous condition.
  3. It must be shown that the victim was injured as a direct result of the dangerous condition.

What Types of Evidence Can Help Prove a Slip and Fall Claim?

There are many different types of evidence that can be used to support a slip and fall claim. Slip-and-fall evidence can come in the form of eyewitness testimony, video footage, or even photographs.

One of the most important pieces of evidence in a slip-and-fall case is the testimony of eyewitnesses. If there are people who saw the incident happen, their testimony can be invaluable in proving that the property owner was negligent.

Video footage can also be a helpful piece of evidence in a slip-and-fall case. If there is security footage of the incident, this can be used to show what happened and who was at fault.

Photographs can also be helpful in a slip and fall case. If there are pictures of the scene of the accident, this can be used to show the condition of the property at the time of the incident.

But aside from having evidence of the slip and fall happening, you also need to have evidence that the said accident resulted in injury. Without an actual injury from the slip and fall, it would not be possible to prove damages from the accident. So, it’s important to visit your doctor to document the injuries and gather medical records that can support your claim.

Final Thoughts

Slip and fall claims can often be difficult to win, but if you have been injured in a fall, it is important to gather evidence and seek legal help right away. An experienced personal injury lawyer can investigate your claim and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Get justice for your slip and fall accident with the help of Parlatore Law. We are a personal injury lawyer in Niagara Falls that has established the experience and skills needed to obtain excellent results for our clients. We will guide you through these difficult times and find the correct legal solutions for your needs. 

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