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What You Need to Know Before Filing for a Disability Claim

If you cannot work because of a disability, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance through the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). To apply for benefits, you must file an insurance claim with the Ontario government. Or you can file one from your private insurance company.

Filing an insurance claim for disability can be a complex process, so it is essential to understand all of the documents and paperwork before you begin.

Understand Your Policy’s Definition of Disability

With a disability insurance policy, you will receive financial protection if you are unable to work due to a disability. But what exactly does the policy consider to be a “disability”? The answer to this question can be found in the policy’s definition of disability.

Most policies define the term disability as the inability to perform the duties of your occupation. If you are disabled and can no longer work in your chosen profession, the policy will provide you with a portion of your income. 

Some policies, however, have a more restrictive definition of disability. They may only consider you to be disabled if you are unable to work in any occupation. It is known as an “any occupation” definition of disability.

It is always wise to go through your disability policy with a personal injury lawyer to ensure that you get the full benefits to which you are entitled. Many people do not realize that their disability policy may have specific provisions that limit their benefits. This lawyer can help you understand your policy and ensure you get the full benefits to which you are entitled. 

Medical Evidence May Be Required

To file a disability claim, you must have medical evidence to support your case. It can come in the form of doctor’s notes, medical records, and test results.

You will need to gather all your medical records to get started. It includes any doctor’s notes, test results, and hospital records. Once you have your records, you must fill out a disability claim form.

The disability claim form will ask for your personal information, medical history, and current symptoms. You might also need to provide information about your work history and earnings. It would be prudent to ask a personal injury lawyer to go through your application so that your approval chances would be higher.

Other Evidence May Be Required

In addition to the medical evidence, you must submit other evidence that supports your claim. Your disability lawyer understands the different types of evidence your claim could require. You may be asked to submit employer records, copies of your previous compensation statements, or a doctor’s statement.

In most circumstances, you must apply for benefits within a certain period. Your claim may be denied if you do not apply within the time period outlined in your policy. So make sure you file your claim as soon as possible.


A disability insurance policy can be essential to your financial protection plan. If you become disabled and cannot work, you must understand your policy’s definition of disability and all of your options.  If you are denied by your disability insurer, we can help.

An experienced lawyer can help you get the financial protection you need. They can discuss your options and help you determine whether you should file a claim. However, it’s best to file your claim as soon as possible because most disability policies have a time limit for filing.

If you need a personal injury lawyer in Niagara Falls, you do not have to look far because you are in good hands with Parlatore Law. We will discuss your policy’s inclusions and how to file a claim successfully. So, schedule an appointment now!

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