5 Benefits of Working with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. According to Canada’s National Collision Database (NCDB), there were 72,917 personal injuries on the road. Therefore, working with a qualified personal injury lawyer should help victims claim their car accident compensation quicker. But there are other benefits with working with a qualified personal injury lawyer, including:

1. Familiarity with Court Systems

Working with a personal injury lawyer will allow you to be familiar with the court process. Personal injury lawyers know the best way to handle the situation to get reasonable compensation. They have the authority and experience to represent you with your case.

2. Seamless Claims Filing

Car accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Court procedures can be stressful. Therefore, it is best to have a personal injury lawyer help you file your claim. Claim filing can be time-consuming and tedious. Without a personal injury lawyer, you will be forced to file the claim on your own and you can make errors that can have an impact on the value of your claim.

Filing a car accident insurance claim is not an easy task. It needs a lot of hard work and time to handle the paperwork. You have to be very careful with every step.

3. Better Negotiations

While it is true that most companies try to offer the lowest possible amount compared to the actual value of the case, a personal injury lawyer is better equipped at negotiating with insurers and their lawyers. A personal injury lawyer is experienced  in negotiation and strategy. They know how to push their way to get the maximum compensation for their clients. Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire a personal injury lawyer to obtain a better settlement.

4. Assistance with  Medical Treatment

Personal injury lawyers can refer you to treatment providers to ensure that you obtain the proper assistance and treatment for your injuries.

5. Gathering Evidence

A  personal injury lawyer will assist with gathering the necessary evidence to maximize your claim.  This evidence includes medical records, police records, employment records, witness statements and expert reports.  


Parlatore Law practices predominantly in the area of personal injury litigation.  We help people in the Niagara Region  claim compensation for their injuries, making the process less stressful for our clients. Allow us to help you claim disability insurance and compensation for your injuries by booking an appointment with our injury lawyers today.

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