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3 Advantages of Settling an Injury Claim

Why Settling an Injury Claim Is a Good Idea 

If you settle an injury claim, you can reap the following benefits:

#1 – Compensation Is More Likely Guaranteed

The most significant advantage of settling an injury claim is that you will be more likely to receive guaranteed compensation for your injuries and losses. When you sue the other party, there is no guarantee that you will win the case. If a matter proceeds to trial and you lose, you will receive no compensation for your injuries and be responsible for paying costs and disbursements to the defendant’s lawyer. However, when you settle, you can be sure you will receive compensation and avoid the risk of losing and paying costs.

#2 – Settling a Claim Is Faster

Taking an injury case to trial in court will require much time and money because you must go through the discovery process, file motions, and attend hearings. This can take many years before you reach a trial and a verdict. On the other hand, settling a claim can be done much more quickly. Once you and the other party have agreed to a settlement, the issues are resolved, and you can move on. This is much more appealing to those in pain who want to end the case as soon as possible and move on with their lives.

#3 – Less Stressful for Victims

Settling an injury claim is less stressful for victims than taking a case to court. Victims often face great anxiety and stress when involved in a lawsuit. After all, they must testify in court, face the opposing party and their lawyers, have their personal medical records exposed and wait for a verdict from the jury. Settling a claim is much less stressful because it eliminates the need for a trial. Victims can reach an agreement with the other party and receive compensation without going through a trial which is a costly, time-consuming and often emotionally draining process.


The choice to settle is entirely up to you, so you must weigh your options carefully. Even if you think it is a good idea, you must consult with a personal injury attorney to know if you should accept the settlement offered or if you should pursue a trial. This way, justice will be served, and you can get fair compensation for your losses.

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